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Your Local Foundation Repair Company.

At Continental Foundation Restoration, we are extremely proud of the dedication that we have shown to our customers throughout the years. As our customer, you will receive the hands-on approach and professionalism that we strive for with every interaction. We are able to provide dependable services for the repair of foundations for a wide range of residential and commercial construction projects. The vast majority of the work that we do is covered by a warranty that we offer. We stay on track and meet deadlines! Continental Foundation Restoration is on your side, so you can relax!

Continental Foundation Repair Services

The Best Foundation Repair Company in Houston!
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Foundation Repair

Most homes around the Houston area sit on a clay-based soil called Beaumont clay.

As this soil gets wet it expands, and as the heat of our Texas summers dries the soil it contracts...

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Mud jacking is a cost-effective alternative to replacing sunken concrete.

Continental Foundation Restoration offers traditional mud jacking.

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Slab leaks are leaks from pipes that are under the concrete or encased in the concrete...

that a home or business rests on...

Modern Neighborhood

Inner Locking Pilings

Pin lock takes the commercial grade driven pile system to the next level of dependability.

Pin lock uses multiple pieces of steel rebar. The rebar works in several methods to strengthen the piling system. 

Elevation Survey

A foundation elevation survey determines the relative elevations of critical points of your home’s foundation

Wood Structure

Wood foundations require foundation-grade pressure treated wood, appropriate fasteners, solid footing, good drainage and waterproofing.

Looking to buy a home? We check for and report all structural and supporting elements of a home, including normal stress cracks, unusual cracks, fractures and defects.. click below to view the entire list.​

Foundation Inspection

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I made an appointment with Frank to assess my foundation, and he arrived on time. Very pleasant and knowledgeable. Walking through my house and looking at the doors, he suspected that the slab wasn’t going to need repairs. The elevation readings confirmed it. The cracks in my walls and bricks weren’t caused by foundation settling and weren’t a cause for concern. He suggested I contact a mason for the brick repairs. I greatly appreciated his honest assessment. I’m relieved that I don’t need foundation repairs, but I would encourage others with a foundation concern to consider this company.

—  Verified Angies List A Rating

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