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Success! We Have Received Your Request! Thank you for choosing Continental Foundation Restoration! 

We understand the importance and urgency of ensuring the structural integrity of your home, and we take it as our top priority. That's why we guarantee to be in touch with you within 24 hours of your form submission. We value our clients and are committed to providing prompt and efficient service.

Who Are We

What To Expect.

Since we first began serving the community more than five decades ago, our company has been operated by members of the same family. Homeowners and local businesses can count on our crew to deliver exceptional foundation repair and mudjacking services thanks to our team's commitment to excellence in these areas.

Mudjacking is a low-cost way to lift and level concrete slabs that have settled over time. In this process, a mixture of soil and cement is pumped under the slab. This lifts and stabilizes the slab.

  1. Initial consultation: Our experts will plan a visit to your home to evaluate the condition of your concrete. We'll take measurements, take photos, and talk about your issues and project goals.

  2. Proposal and estimate: We will offer you with a full proposal and estimate for the work based on the findings of the initial consultation.

  3. Scheduling: Once you've looked over and agreed to the proposal, we'll set up a time to do the mudjacking and leveling. We will work with you to find a time that works with your schedule.

  4. Preparation: Before we begin work, we will safeguard your property and prepare the area for the mudjacking process. 

  5. Mudjacking: Our crew will arrive on time and be prepared to begin the mudjacking operation. We will drill small holes in the concrete slab and then inject a mixture of earth and cement beneath it, raising and stabilizing it. The holes are subsequently filled and the slab is allowed to cure.

  6. Final inspection: Once the work is completed, our crew will conduct a final inspection. We will walk you through the process and go over the final outcomes with you.

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