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Common Causes for Foundation Problems

SoilThe movement of your foundation’s slab is based on the moisture content of the soil both around and beneath your home. Most homes around the Houston area sit on a clay-based soil called Beaumont clay. As this soil gets wet it expands, and as the heat of our Texas summers dries the soil it contracts. This differential movement of the soil under your home is most likely the reason that you are noticing problems in your foundation.

Vegetation: Tree roots grow much further than most of us realize. This is needed to prevent the tree from blowing over during a wind storm. Tree roots, as well as bushes and flower garden vegetation, demand vast amounts of moisture to survive. The area in which this vegetation is located will contain far less moisture than in non-vegetated areas and the soil will contract more. This spot drying condition leads to foundation problems.

Be careful! Some businesses may recommend installation of root shields. However, cutting the roots can cause a healthy tree to die or even become unstable during wind storms. 

Plumbing & Drainage Lines: Homes that were built from the 50s to the early 70s had cast iron, ABS, Schedule-20 PVC, or clay drain lines installed under the slabs. Over time, this material can rust, collapse and eventually deteriorate allowing water to escape under your foundation.

This causes the foundation to develop soil erosion under your home. Continental Foundation Restoration works with reputable local plumbers to repair all plumbing issues.

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