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If Walls Could Talk: What Your House Really Says About Your Foundation

Updated: May 2

Hate seeing those cracked walls inside or outside of your house? If walls could talk, they'd have a whole bushel to tell you about what's really going on. Before you jump into a repair, you should take a look at your home's foundation. Foundation problems are sneaky. Here are some sneaky signs your foundation might need a repair.

Infographic about Signs of Foundation Problems.

1. Cracked Walls, Ceilings, and Trim

Spots where your foundation isn't level eventually cause cracking in these areas because the structure holding them together is shifting or settling.

2. Sticky or Crooked Windows and Doors

If your windows or doors stick, don't close properly, or are separating from the house, they aren't sitting right because your home's structural integrity has been compromised. The same goes for your kitchen cabinets, especially the upper cabinets. Be sure to check these spots for warping and excess moisture retention.

3. Sagging Floors

Uneven, sagging, or cracked floors usually happen because of a settled or deteriorating foundation, which is common in Texas due to our iconic but unstable red clay soil. Clay soil expands with wet weather and contracts when it gets miserably hot outside, creating an unstable base for your foundation. *Tip: To check if your floor is level, place a marble on it and see if it rolls.

4. Chimney Damage

A shifting or damaged foundation can cause your chimney to separate, lean, or crack at the meeting joints. If you notice these signs on your chimney, there's probably damage in other parts of your home. You'll save more time and money by fixing the underlying causes of your home's structural issues than patching up the obvious warning signs.

5. Bugs and Moisture

If you notice more creepy crawlies around your house, it's usually because there are more cracks and openings throughout your home in areas like doors, windows, and walls. The same goes for moisture. When there are small or large openings in your home, water can seep into the house's structural materials and you'll see mold or mildew in places like cabinetry, door frames, trim, and windows.

Make sure your home's foundation is in good shape with a foundation inspection from an expert certified foundation repair company. An inspection should be free because inspections let you take preventative action to ensure your home stays damage-free. It's best to get your home's foundation looked at before you jump into any cosmetic home repairs so the damage doesn't come back because of underlying causes. One of the best, highly reviewed foundation repair contractors in Houston is Continental Foundation Restoration. Their crew has over 40 years of experience in foundation repair and puts quality care into every job (including a limited warranty and guaranteed work)!


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