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Slab leaks are leaks from pipes that are under the concrete or encased in the concrete that a home or business rests on. Builders normally run piping for water and electrical piping through the slab foundation. This is convenient and can serve as a preventative from damage. However, the water pipes that are encased in a slab or under a slab can leak.

Underslab Sewer Pipe Replace & Reroutes

These leaks can cause serious damage to the structure of a home or building by deteriorating the surface that the building rests on. The effects can be severe and grows in cost and the potential for harm the longer that the leak in the slab is allowed to continue leaking.

Slab leaks can do so tremendously depending on the size of the leak and the pipes that are leaking. The flowing water not only damages concrete but can damage flooring, tile, and carpet to the point that they must be replaced.

It is most often caused by factors including

  • Drainage Line

  • Old Cast Iron Lines

  • Galvanized steel piping not properly insulated

  • Water leaking through the foundation

  • Acidic soil causing rust and corrosion on plumbing pipes

  • High pH value of water

  • General wear and tear

Rerouting is a form of repiping that eliminates slab leaks and a large part of the expense of concrete removal. Rather than tear all of the pipes out of the foundation, your plumbers will work to find a way to reroute the pipes around the problem area.

By tunneling under your home foundation slab, you have no flooring to replace, no broken foundation, and you minimize the inconvenience of having a plumbing crew inside your home.

Tunneling and Trenching

Continental Foundation Restoration offers an alternative method to jack hammering holes through your foundation and virtually eliminating the potential mess should your foundation need pilings to re-support the interior of your home.

This is by creating an access hole next to your foundation and creating a tunnel just large enough for Continental expert employees to install piling directly beneath your structural grade beams, which are located under your slab.

Once your homes leveling process is complete the tunnel is back-filled with the original dirt that was excavated to create the tunnel. This method of creating a tunnel allows the customer to live as normal during the repair process. No furniture relocation, no plastic covering your possessions.

Trenching necessary for re-routing will be hand excavated. The trench will be approximately 8 inches wide and to the depth necessary for proper drainage. Trenches will be lined with a compaction sand base to ensure proper support for piping.

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