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Learn More About the Condition of Your Foundation

A foundation elevation survey (level survey) determines the relative elevations of critical points of your home’s foundation, or in other words, how level (out of level) the foundation has become. The survey provides documentation of the elevations.

Elevation Survey Details

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The survey will document the existing elevations of the foundation throughout the structure to determine the following:

  • Magnitude of movement, i.e., how level (or out of level) is the foundation

  • Limits of areas affected by movement, i.e., where does the movement begin and end

With this information, you can do the following:

  • Have a basis for a structural repair design

  • Monitor for future movement

  • Provide evidence of stability (for example, demonstrate to a prospective buyer that the home hasn’t moved in 5 years)

  • Provide evidence of movement (for example, demonstrate that movement has indeed occurred, despite denial from other parties)

  • Be in a stronger position for making legal claims for structural damage or movement

This is how the elevation survey is performed:

  • A Continental Foundation Restoration professional will perform field measurements and a sketch of your foundation to allow a professionally drafted document to be prepared

  • We use the Technidea Zip Level Pro 2000 which is accurate to 1/8″ to measure the vertical positions of the foundation at critical points and intervals

  • The final document is drafted showing the foundation and the relative elevations as measured

This Information is Invaluable in the Following Cases:

  • You live in an area with unstable soil

  • You have drywall cracking, binding doors, sloping floors, or foundation wall cracks

  • You have had past structural repairs

  • You are anticipating the need for structural repairs

  • You are in dispute with your builder over construction defects or deficiencies

  • You are buying a home and want to have maximum information regarding structural condition

  • Your structural warranty company has denied your claim for structural damage

  • You want to have a “benchmark” document for monitoring for future movement

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